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Re: GetFLV - Troubleshooting many problems with GFLV ...

Originally Posted by keeno View Post
Dont know if this is related to any of the issues but firefox says it is using for the domain for the mp4 files.
no keeno theses yes being dash domain. getlfv no using dash.
Originally Posted by keeno View Post
It is because some episodes are using and some are using and it is not grabbing both of them, because some shows alternate between the two and might use one of those for a few episodes and then use the other one for an episode or two.
no keeno theses yes being html5 domain using chrome widevine drm yes. getlfv no having using this html5 widevine.
Originally Posted by keeno View Post
Could not get it to download this Sundays My Hero Academia episode.
yes keeno you yes being watching html5 widevine drm on chrome you yes being seeing:
yes these being audio video seperating yes having widevine drm. you yes looking at inputstream binary kodi plugin amazon you yes seeing method you getting widevine key exchange yes. when you yes having widevine removing you yes muxing audio video together yes making resulting looking liking: agave50934513_43881470_H264_3200_43881563_video-audio.mp4
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