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Re: How can I record free sex web-cam chat (rtmp:// .flv)

Originally Posted by AnonCapper View Post
Hi guys,

I'm working on a new recording tool that should be ready soon.

  1. Auto Record - Based on Cam Score and Inclusion List
  2. Highest Quality Recordings
  3. Exclusion List - Models to never record
  4. Video Preview - Stream can be previewed at any time

Are there any core features that I am missing?

Hey guys,

I am releasing MFCRecorder including the source code.

Pre Requisites:
Awesomium SDK
ffmpeg.exe and ffmplay.exe

The binary version has all the pre-requisites included.

ffmpeg sometimes doesn't terminate a recording when the feed ends, you will have to manually stop the ffmpeg process.
The Model status is not 100% correct, the app will re-try recording the Model every 30 seconds.


Source:!098EABKD!yJwJTu...jSpX1_H4 CLWU

Please note, I assume no liability for any lawsuits or damages that may arise in any way or form from using this application. I have created this application for fun as a technical challenge and not to infringe on any copyrights.
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