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Re: Ripping RTMPE streams from

It might be easier do it this way instead of using VideoCacheView:

Start URL snooper (or web developer console in FF), keyword filter swf;hds, open browser and start video playing -

Use the swf URL listed and grab one of the HDS URL's as in the picture and you get these two URL's:

Delete the HDS related stuff bolded above and you're left with this: (512k is the only bitrate available for RTMPE stream) -


put that together with the SWF url into our RTMPdump command line and we're left with:

rtmpdump -r "rtmpe://" -a "rtevod" -W "" -y "mp4:/2012/1101/20121101_rtetwo-thecraigdo_cl10070311_10070321_260_/20121101_rtetwo-thecraigdo_cl10070311_10070321_260__512k.mp4" -o "thecraigdoyleshow.flv"
to download our file.
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