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Re: Record Clear Channel radio stations (

Originally Posted by njl433 View Post
try this link for WKSS:


it looks like most of the Clear Channel stations have been solved because there is a format like this:

_ (KIIS-FM-102.7 Los Angeles)
_ (WHTZ-FM-100.3 Z100 New York)
_ (KFI-AM-640 Los Angeles)

put your station call letters in the appropriate place and run thru VLC Player and then go to "Media Information" tab and it will give you the akamai stream...

for people trying to record Dave Ramsey or Coast to Coast, maybe i'm missing something but just go to or a similar site that will list the many stations that carry and stream those shows and find a station that freely gives out their URL location - for Coast to Coast there's KSFO 560 AM just off the top of my head but many more i'm sure and then use something like Tapin Radio to schedule recording...idk, maybe i'm not seeing what the problem is...
I was looking for info on how to capture the iheartradio streams and man you saved me a lot of time and probably money too.Thanks for people like you bro.I registered in the forum not only for the info but mainly to thank you and the guys that make all this possible.I know your post is old and hope some day you can see that what you did means a lot to other people.
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