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How to read convert Amazon AZW ebook to ePub/fb2/LRF/Mobi/PDF/PDB/TXT/RTF/LIT

Amazon sells DRM protected .AZW ebooks which can be read on Kindle or Kindle apps like Kindle for iPad. If you want to convert your Amazon .AZW ebook to ePub/fb2/LRF/Mobi/PDF/PDB/TXT/RTF/LIT, you need to remove DRM protection first. Actually you can do both (drm removal and conversion) using freeware Calibre.
  1. Download and install Kindle for PC
  2. Download and install freeware Calibre
  3. Download and install DRM removal plug-ins for Calibre:
    ebook DRM removal tools archive
    (if you use Kindle for PC app, you will just need to add the Kindle plug-in to Calibre)
  4. Download .AZW ebook onto Kindle For PC
  5. Run Calibre
  6. Find the folder with Kindle for PC ebooks (My documents/My Kindle Content)
  7. Select DRM-protected AZW files and drag-n-drop them onto Calibre
  8. Calibre will remove DRM protection from AZW ebook(s)
  9. Convert your DRM-free MOBI ebooks to any other format (like ePub/fb2/LRF/Mobi/PDF/PDB/TXT/RTF/LIT) using Calibre if needed.

After removing DRM protection, you can read your DRM-free ebook on any device you have including iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader, Nook or any other reader (you may need to convert your DRM-free ebook into ePub/fb2/LRF/Mobi/PDF/PDB/TXT/RTF/LIT first).
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