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Re: How to use iView (ABC Australia) downloaders

Originally Posted by Wahroonga Farm View Post
The iViewnapper MP4 format does not appear to be widely recognised. VLC does it, but not much else.
The iview mp4 is actually F4V which means its mpeg4 contents wrapped in a flv to increase compatability you need to strip the flv and remux as a true mp4

I've included my solution to this which is a couple of bat files using ffmpeg (all of 3 must be in the same directory, with the mp4s) and another zip with a cmd program called recycle.exe which need to be put in the windows->System32 folder

the remux.bat converts whatever file you drop n' drop on it into an mp4 with directly copied streams ie no reencoding (also works with plus7 flv files as they are also F4V), while the feeder.bat will go through every .mp4 file in the folder and will run them through the remux.bat.

the recycle.exe is required to send the originals to the recycle bin rather than deleting them outright in case some thing goes wrong.

lastly I suggest you get mediainfo as it is a nice quick acid test on whether the remux was successful as if it does not show data for all segments (container, video and audio) then its a dud and need to restore the original and go from there.

Obviously this is a windows based solution, and will be little use to you if you're running a Apple or Linux machine.

EDIT: forgot to mention there is another windows solution somewhere in this thread, a VBscript that also uses ffmpeg, and automatically takes care of mentioned 'problems', (which I should clarify is a bit of junk data at the end of the files, I personally use frhed to fix this, but it is almost irrelevant now as problem files are becoming rarer.)

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