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Re: rtmpdump v2.2d Command Exit Code 1 (raw code = 256) when downloading from BBC iPl

This is the new format of the command for RTMPDUMP 2.2d -

rtmpdump -r "rtmp://,bbc7/secure_auth/RBN2_bbc7_-_friday_0930_b007r4y0_2010_05_28_09_26_32.mp4&et=1 275070833&fmta-token=20f39f70bfa163a2f61ba534b732bdcb036683e3ab4f 7b013e698554ac5516d1" -a "a1414/e3?as=adobe-hmac-sha256&av=1&te=connect&mp=bbc7/secure_auth/modem/RBN2_bbc7_-_friday_0930_b007r4y0_2010_05_28_09_30_02.mp4,bbc7/secure_auth/RBN2_bbc7_-_friday_0930_b007r4y0_2010_05_28_09_26_32.mp4&et=1 275070833&fmta-token=20f39f70bfa163a2f61ba534b732bdcb036683e3ab4f 7b013e698554ac5516d1" -f "WIN 9,0,260,0" -W "" -p "" -y "mp4:bbc7/secure_auth/RBN2_bbc7_-_friday_0930_b007r4y0_2010_05_28_09_26_32.mp4" -o RBN2_bbc7_-_friday_0930_b007r4y0_2010_05_28_09_26_32.mp4

The following instructions enable you to find the URL address of an RTMP stream, i.e. the real address of a BBC iPlayer radio or tv show, using a program called RTMPSRV.EXE, and you then use that address with the main program (RTMPDUMP.EXE) to download that show -

1. Use Get_iPlayer to download the RTMP stream info for the BBC radio or tv show which you want to record: insert the 8-digit PID (Programme ID) number from the URL address of the iPlayer page for that show, in place of the 8 zero's in this command -

perl --type=radio --streaminfo PID:00000000 > BBC.txt

2. All you need from the text file which the previous step creates is the HOST address, but that step is unnecessary 99% of the time because for the BBC iPlayer the host address is normally this:

3. Edit your computer's HOSTS file, as follows:

(a) Go to START > RUN and type this in the box, then click OK:


(b) Go to START > RUN and type this in the box, then click OK:


(c) Disable the line in the HOSTS file that reads " localhost" by putting a # at the start of that line

(d) Type in the following line, immediately underneath that line:

(e) Save the changes: File > Save

NB: When it's all over, put your HOSTS file back to normal by reversing all these changes.

4. Download the program RTMPDUMP version 2.2d from this link:

The .zip file includes RTMPSRV.exe as well as RTMPDUMP.exe, so run RTMPSRV.exe (by double-clicking it).

5. Open the iPlayer page that plays the radio or tv show you want to download, and start it playing. This is an example of the page URL address (you must substitute the show's 8-digit PID number for the 8 zero's in this example) -

6. Now look at the window in which RTMPSRV is running. It will start displaying the true RTMP address of the tv or radio show that the iPlayer is trying to play in the other window.

Command Format:

rtmpdump -r "rtmp://[server]:[port]/[application]?[authString]"
-a "[application]?[authString]" -f "[Flash Version]" -W "[swfUrl]"
-p "[iPlayer page URL]" -y "[mp4: to .mp4 playpath]" -o file.flv

Command Example:

rtmpdump -r "rtmp:// =1274934408&fmta-token=2b4b12633bfd205b3d7f3060c0f827c37ae180808836 97444853b3c7866b40ee" -a "a1414/e3?as=adobe-hmac-sha256&av=1&te=connect&mp=bbc7/secure_auth/RBN2_bbc_-_thursday_1930_b00sg0w7_2010_05_20_19_26_38.mp4&et =1274934408&fmta-token=2b4b12633bfd205b3d7f3060c0f827c37ae180808836 97444853b3c7866b40ee" -f "WIN 9,0,260,0" -W "" -p "" -y "mp4:bbc7/secure_auth/RBN2_bbc7_-_thursday_1930_b00sg0w7_2010_05_20_19_26_38.mp4" -o filename.flv

7. Write a batch (.BAT) file called RTMPSRV.BAT to run RTMPSRV.EXE and to pipe its output into another .BAT file, that can be used then to actually download the iPlayer show -

This is the content of RTMPSRV.BAT -

rtmpsrv > rtmpdump_run.bat

If you run RTMPSRV.EXE by double-clicking on the batch file RTMPSRV.bat, it will save all its output into RTMPDUMP.bat - but remember: it is saving the URL address of the iPlayer show, not the actual show itself!

Note: You can NOT run RTMPDUMP_RUN.BAT to download the iPlayer show until you have re-edited your HOSTS file back to its original state (or you'll get an error message).

Note: There will be *many* copies of the download command saved into the batch file RTMPDUMP_RUN.BAT so you must *delete* all except one! Otherwise the batch file will keep deleting (i.e. overwriting) the download every time it completes it!

8. Finally, you must change the file extension of the downloaded file from .MP4 to .FLV because it really is a Flash FLV file!

A Flash audio or video file will play in GOM Player or in Media Player Classic.

There are tools to extract the MP4 file from inside the FLV if you want to do that (e.g. FFMPEG.EXE).
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