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Re: How to remove DRM from sony ebooks

  1. Install Adobe Flash Player
  2. Install Adobe Digital Editions (ADE)
  3. Authorize your copy of Adobe Digital Editions.
  4. Install Python
  5. Install PyCrypto
  6. Download ineptkey.pyw and ineptepub.pyw and put them into one directory.
  7. Run ineptkey.pyw. It will find the key and write it to hard disk as "ADEPTKEY.DER " in the same directory where ineptkey.pyw is.
  8. Run ineptepub.pyw
    A dialog windows with three parameters will pop up :
    • Key file ADEPTKEY.DER (filled automatically if the ADEPTKEY.DER-file and ineptepub.pyw reside in the same directory)
      If not, click on the "…" button and select a file.
    • Input file
      Click on the "…" button to choose your EPUB ebook. You'll find it in "My Documents\My Digital Editions".
      If you just can't find the EPUB ebook, open Adobe Digital Editions and find the path in the properties of the ebook.
    • Output file
      Click on the "…" and enter a filename.
  9. Open your newly created DRM-free EPUB file with your favorite application (on whatever device you like)

Download Key-retrieval script

ineptkey.pyw version 5:
ineptkey.pyw 4.3:

Download ineptepub.pyw:

ineptepub.pyw version 5.2
ineptepub.pyw version 2
Download aineptepub.pyw version 4.1

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